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About the Java Activities Pack


The Java activity pack has been made open-source. Feel free to collaborate on our Github repositories.

The Java Activities Pack contains several new activities that help you harness the power of Java code. With the Java Scope activity you can initialize a Java library, thus providing a scope for all subsequent activities. All activities in this pack must be run inside the aforementioned scope.

You can then load .jar files inside the Scope by using the Load Jar activity.

We have created the JavaObject variable, which is a custom data type used to process results from Java routines in UiPath by either converting them into standard C# datatypes or passing them as arguments to other Java methods. Also, you can retrieve fields from methods found in this custom data type and store them in JavaObject variables, by using the Get Field activity.

This variable can be created from a method by using the Invoke Java Method activity or from a class, by using the Create Java Object activity.

If you find it easier to work with .NET, you can convert any JavaObject variable to an Object variable by using the Convert Java Object activity.

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About the Java Activities Pack

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