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About the Cryptography Activities Pack


The Cryptography activity pack has been made open-source. Feel free to collaborate on our Github repositories.

The Cryptography Activities package is created to meet the needs of the modern enterprise space. In a world which is centered on security and with the creation of General Data Protection Regulations, the existence of an activity package that can provide encryption services is a no-brainer.

Thus, this package enables users to encrypt and decrypt sensitive data by using state of the art encryption protocols.

We offer the tools necessary to build automation projects that encrypt and decrypt plain text or files, by using algorithms such as AES, AESGCM, DES, RC2, Rijndael, and TripleDES.
You can also hash text and files by using algorithms such as MD5, RIPEMD160, SHA1, SHA256, SHA384, and SHA512.
Data can also be hashed with a key with algorithms such as HMACMD5, HMACRIPEMD160, HMACSHA1, HMACSHA256, HMACSHA384, HMACSHA512, and MACTripleDES.

Release Notes

Example of Using the Cryptography Activities Pack

To exemplify how to use this activity package, we have built an automation project which showcases activities that encrypt and decrypt files and data, as well as activities that hash a file with a key. You can download the workflow here.

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About the Cryptography Activities Pack

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