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Last updated May 21, 2024

Prerequisites for Installation

Action Center Server

  • Windows Server Operating System - minimum required version: 2012 R2.
  • .NET Framework - minimum required version: 4.7.2 To find out which .NET version is installed on your computer, please see Finding the Installed .NET Version.
  • IIS - minimum required version: 8. this is part of the Web Server (IIS) role and is automatically enabled by the provided InstallRolesAndFeatures.ps1script, which can be found in here.
  • ASP.Net Core IIS Module - version 6.0.x as part of the Hosting Bundle.
  • URL Rewrite - minimum required version 2.1. Enables the website to redirect the calls to HTTPS (https://servername), instead of HTTP (http://servername). Please download and install URL Rewrite by accessing this link.

Web Certificates (SSL Certificate)

HTTPS protocol is mandatory for all communication to Action Center on all the browsers on which users access the web application. The following 3 types of web certificates can be used.

  • A web certificate issued by a trusted Certification Authority, such as GoDaddy, VeriSign, etc. The web certificate has to be imported to Server Certificates in IIS. You need to know the name of the "Issued To" entity, which has to be provided when prompted by the Windows installer.
  • You are a Certification Authority that can issue certificates trusted in the Windows domain. Please see Using a Certificate for the HTTPS Protocol.
  • A self-signed certificate, which is not recommended for Production. The certificate is not trusted inside the domain. For that reason, you need to export its public key, and then import it on all Robot machines. See Using a Certificate for the HTTPS Protocol for further information.
The name of the certificate you provide when prompted by the Windows installer, or the one mentioned in the command line using -sslCertificate is the same one that appears in the Issued To column in Server Certificates in IIS.

Windows Features Requirements

UiPath Software Dependencies

Action Center is compatible with certain versions of Orchestrator. For more information about the compatibility between Action Center and Orchestrator, check the Compatibility Matrix page.

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