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Action Center
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Last updated Jun 27, 2024

Action Catalogs

Action Catalogs are Action containers, where you can categorize your Actions based on various criteria. The catalog inside which an Action resides is set at action creation, using the Action creation activities in Studio.

Action catalogs in activities

The Task Catalog or ActionCatalog properties are found in Persistence.Activities and Intelligent.OCR.Activities. These properties can only be populated with existing Action Catalogs.

Accessing Action Catalogs

The Admin Settings page displays all the folders in your tenant and allows you to create or update an Action Catalog in every folder that you have access to.

  1. To access the Admin Settings page, go to the page header and select the Admin Settings tab.
  2. From the left side of the Admin Settings page, select the Orchestrator folder from where you want to access action catalogs.

Creating Action Catalogs

To create a new Action Catalog:

  1. Select the desired folder.
  2. Select docs image Add New Catalog. The Create Catalog wizard opens.
  3. Enter a Name (mandatory) and a Description (optional) for your Action Catalog.
  4. Select Create.

Result: The new catalog is displayed in the Action Catalog list of the selected Orchestrator folder.

Encrypting Action Catalogs

  1. When you create a new Action Catalog, select the Store in encrypted format checkbox. Select the Store in encrypted format checkbox if you want to have the linked actions encrypted inside the database.

Result: This encrypts the Actions (also known as Task Data) that are associated to the current Action Catalog. Actions that are not linked to any Action Catalog do not get encrypted.

  • The encrypting operation cannot be undone.
  • Only the Data values of an Action are encrypted.
  • Action data that is part of existing Action Catalogs cannot be encrypted. As an alternative, you can recreate the Action Catalog, select the Store in encrypted format checkbox, and regenerate the Actions.

Updating Action Catalogs

To update an existing Action Catalog:

  1. Navigate to the hosting folder of the Action Catalog.
  2. Select the Action Catalog you want to edit and select the Edit docs image icon.
  3. Change the Name, Description, or Labels for this specific Action Catalog.
  4. Select Save to record your changes.
docs image

Creating actions inside a specific Action Catalog

To create Actions inside a specific Action Catalog:

  1. Create an Action Catalog inside the desired Orchestrator folder.
  2. Add either a Create Form Task,Create External Task,Create Document Validation Action, or a Create Document Classification Action into your workflow.
  3. Inside the activity where you create Actions, input the name of the Action Catalog previously created inside the TaskCatalog, or ActionCatalog property field.

Result: The Actions created are stored inside the already existent Action catalog that you input.

Note: The TaskCatalog and ActionCatalog property fields, inside the activities of the Persistence.Activities and Intelligent.OCR.Activities packages, can be populated only with Action Catalogs that already exist.

Deleting Action Catalogs

You can delete Action Catalogs only if there aren't any Actions linked to it. To remove Actions from an Action Catalog that you want to delete, edit the properties of the linked Actions and re-link them to a different Action Catalog.
Warning: You cannot undo this action.
  1. Move all the Actions linked to the Action Catalog that you want to delete to another Action Catalog, by editing the properties of the linked Actions.
  2. Go to the Admin Settings page, and to the folder of the Action Catalog.
  3. Hover over the Action Catalog you want to delete, and select Delete docs image
    The Delete Action Catalog dialog appears.
  4. Select Delete to permanently delete the Action Catalog.

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