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Action Center
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Last updated Apr 19, 2024

Action Catalogs

Action catalogs are action containers, where you can categorize your actions based on various criteria. The catalog in which an action resides is set at action creation using the task creation activities in Studio.

Important: Action Catalogs cannot be deleted.

To manage Action Catalogs, navigate to the Admin Settings page in Action Center.

Admin Settings

The Admin Settings page displays all the folders in your tenant and allows you to create or update Action Catalogs in every folder you have access to.

To access the Admin Settings page, click on the More Options menu from the top navigation bar of the Actions tab.

To Create a New Action Catalog:

  1. Select the desired folder.
  2. Click Add New Catalog. The Create Catalog wizard opens.
  3. Enter a Name (mandatory) and a Description (optional) for your catalog.
  4. Click Create. The new catalog is display in the Action Catalog list of the selected folder.

To Update an Existing Action Catalog:

  1. Navigate to the hosting folder of the catalog.
  2. Select the action catalog you want to edit and click Edit docs image.
  3. Modify the desired catalog fields.
  4. Click Save.

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