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Last updated Apr 19, 2024

Exploring Processes


Make sure you:

  • are in the correct Orchestrator folder context, and
  • have the right user permissions to view and manage processes.

By Action Center Processes we imply all queues and unattended processes from the Orchestrator folders you have access to.

Accessing Processes

To access processes, navigate to the Processes tab from the left-hand menu in Action Center.

Displaying Processes

A card is displayed for every queue or unattended process found in the Orchestrator folders you have access to, containing the following details:

  • Process name
  • Description
  • Recipient folder name
  • Latest publishing date and time
  • Published package version (only for processes)

Running Processes

To run an unattended process, hover over the process card and click Run .

To trigger an unattended process using a queue, provide the queue schema.

For a sample workflow, click here.

To trigger an unattended process using a file upload, provide the file.

For more information about how to do that, click here.

  • Accessing Processes
  • Displaying Processes
  • Running Processes

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