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Last updated 2024年2月28日

Testing robot license

Unattended Robots

UiPath Robots are the center of action to executing your automations. Robots, depending on their purpose, can be Attended or Unattended. If you intend to use Robots for executing tests, then you will use only Unattended robots. This type of robot does not need direct user interaction to start an automation. Because it usually runs on dedicated machines, the users do not need to interrupt their work for triggering a task/process as the Unattended robot has already been programmed to run based on the configuration set in the Orchestrator.

Testing Robots

According to the license of the unattended robot, for testing purposes, you use testing robots to execute your tests. Testing robots work in unattended mode for development and testing purposes. They can execute both test cases and RPA processes intended for non-production environments only.

Visit UiPath's Robot documentation to learn everything about Robots.

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