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Test Suite User Guide
Last updated 2024年2月28日

Best Practices

This section provides practical guidelines for each capability of our Test Suite:

  • API Test Automation: Find best practices on automating API testing to ensure performance.
  • Test Data Management: Learn efficient methods to manage, create, and modify your test data.
  • RPA Testing & Application testing: Discover techniques for ensuring effective testing of RPA workflows and applications.
  • Mobile Test Automation: Test your mobile applications across various devices and platforms.
  • Test Reporting & Analytics: Learn how to analyze and interpret test reporting data to improve your testing processes.
  • Integrations (ALM, CI/CD): Read guidelines on integrating our test suite with your ALM and CI/CD pipelines.
  • SAP Testing: Gain insights for testing your SAP applications.
  • Test Execution: Access techniques to efficiently run tests.
  • Manual Testing: Discover strategies to perform effective manual testing.
  • Migration: Check practical steps to migrate your testing processes and data.

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