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Integration Service 用户指南
Last updated 2024年6月6日

Freshbook 身份验证


  1. 登录到您的帐户并前往“设置”
    docs image
  2. 转到“基本信息”。
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  3. 复制“公司名称”
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This connector also supports the Bring your own OAuth 2.0 app authentication method.

You can read more about creating a connection using Bring your own OAuth 2.0 app on FreshBooks in the official FreshBooks documentation.
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  1. 您需要从应用程序管理页面创建一个应用程序,如 FreshBooks 身份验证基本流程中突出显示的那样。

  2. Add the same Redirect URI on your app.

  3. Next, use the redirect URL as provided on screen at the time of connection creation. The URL is:

添加 Freshbooks 连接

  1. Select Integration Service from Automation CloudTM.

  2. You can choose between two authentication types: OAuth 2.0 Authorization code or Bring your own OAuth 2.0 app.
  3. Enter the required credentials for your preferred authentication method and select Connect.
  4. 已添加您的连接。
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  • 添加 Freshbooks 连接


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