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Test Suite Release Notes
Last updated Feb 28, 2024


Release date: 25 October 2023

What's New

Transforming manual tests in coded test cases

You can now easily transform manual tests from Test Manager into coded test cases, from the Test Explorer panel. This enhancement streamlines your testing processes and provides a more comprehensive approach to your automation needs. Visit Transforming manual tests into coded test cases to learn how to use the feature.

Built-in SAP Testing Project template

The SAP Testing Project template is now built-in Studio, and you can find it on the Start tab in Studio Backstage View. Use this template to ease the process of automating your SAP operations.

Coded automations

If you prefer to code when building automations, you can now achieve this using coded automations! Coded automations provide enhanced flexibility, maintainability, and collaboration for more complex automations. Some of the key benefits that you can leverage with coded automations are:

  • Enhanced productivity – If you’re familiar with coding or scripting you can leverage your skills and increase your productivity. Working within a familiar coding environment allows you to develop more efficient automations.
  • Complexity management – Coded automations provide a flexible solution for managing complex automation scenarios. By using code, you can implement custom logic, manage exceptions, and create reusable functions. As part of developing custom logic, you can easily create custom coded activity packages, also known as services. Visit Registering custom services to learn how to create your first service and start using it in your coded automations.
  • Hybrid automation – You can use coded automations alongside low-code automations. This promotes seamless integration between the two approaches, enabling you to create flexible automation solutions.
  • Improved performance – Coded automations empower you to optimize your automation workflows to enhance performance. By using code, you can implement specific algorithms to make your automation executions faster.
  • Readability – Coded automations allow you to create structured code, resulting in code readability. If you organize your code and document it, you can easily maintain it and share it with other collaborators.
Types of coded automations

You can choose from three types of coded automations:

  • Coded workflows - Coded workflows are the same as low-code workflows, the only difference being that you build them using separate interfaces: workflows have a visual design interface, while coded workflows have a code-based interface.
  • Coded test cases - Coded test cases automate and validate application behavior in a structured manner. They are similar to low-code test cases and allow for flexible automation using code.
  • Code source files - Coded source files serve as containers for custom classes or methods that you can use within Coded workflows or test cases. They are not entry points and cannot be executed independently; instead, they function within the context of a project.
Write code directly in UiPath Studio

Build your coded automations using the IDE built-in Studio! Its interface consists of a dedicated code editor, file tabs, and breadcrumbs for easy navigation. This layout enables you to manage your files, explore project structures, edit your code, version projects, run, and publish your automations. Furthermore, you can customize the font size and display settings of the code editor, so it resembles your favorite code-editing techniques! Visit Studio IDE to understand how to leverage the built-in IDE.

Onboarded services

With this release, the services available to use inside coded automations are the following:

Visit the APIs sections of the onboarded services to learn how to use their corresponding APIs.

Bug fixes

  • The Studio CLI failed to publish the Test Automation Template.

Visit Studio release notes to check all the updates for 2023.10.

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