UiPath Test Suite

UiPath Test Suite

Creating a Project


The test project is composed of artifacts (e.g. requirements, test cases, test sets) that are targeted towards a joint testing goal. You can create an unlimited number of test projects.


  • Projects are visible only to project creators and Administrators. To enable access to other users to your project, see Managing users and groups.
  • You can create an unlimited number of test projects.

Who can create projects

Any user role can create a project, while only Administrators/Project Owners can edit or delete projects.

For more information see User and Group Access Management.

Navigation and search

To quickly find your test projects, use the search function, and the filters. Navigate within the page using and configuring the paginator. Alternatively, you can use the breadcrumb to navigate between the pages.

You have two filter tabs to choose from:

  • All projects to list all test projects.
  • Favorite projects to list only the test projects that have been marked as favorite.

Use the search bar to find test projects by their name or prefix.

Create project

  1. Log in to Test Manager.
  2. In the Home page click Create new project.
  1. Configure your test project:
    • Name - Enter a name for your project.
    • Prefix - Enter a short identifier for your project. Choose 3-5 characters that are prepended to all artefact IDs within your project. The prefix cannot be changed later.
    • Description (Optional): Enter a description for your project.
  1. Click Create. Your project is saved and you are redirected to the project dashboard.


Additional actions

  • You can mark your project as Favorite to have it at hand on the Favorite projects page.
  • To edit a project, right-click the vertical ellipsis and select Edit on the project you want to update. You can change all project details except for the prefix.

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Creating a Project

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