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Last updated Feb 28, 2024

Linking Test Cases in Studio to Test Manager

You can link a test case in Studio to a correspondent test case and requirement in Test Manager. To complete this action, you need to integrate Studio to Test Manager.

  1. In Studio, open an existing project or create a new Test Automation.
  2. Open an existing test case or create a new one.
  3. In the Project, right-click a test case and select Link to Test Manager. Alternatively, you can use Ctrl + Click for multiple selections to link multiple test cases to a requirement.

    :grey-exclamation: Test Manager might require you to sign in, using your credentials.

  4. Configure the test case information:
    • Project: Select your project. If you did not set a default project for Test Manager, see Integrating with Studio.
    • Test: Select a test case from the dropdown list.
    • Name: Enter a name only if you create a new test case in Test Manager.
    • Requirement: . Leave this field blank if you create a new requirement. The name is read-only in Test Manager. Alternatively, you can select a Requirement from the dropdown list if you want to assign the test case to a specific requirement in Test Manager.

  5. Click OK to confirm.
    • To open the newly created test case in Test Manager, go to Test Manager > Open Test.
    • To unlink the automation from the test case, navigate Test Manager > Unlink Test and then click Yes to confirm changes. You can unlink it all together by opening the test case and navigating to Automation > Unlink Automation.

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