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Last updated Jul 15, 2024

Linking a Project to an Idea in Automation Hub

The integration between Studio and UiPath Automation Hub enables you to easily link Studio projects to ideas in Automation Hub:

  • In Studio, you can link any project to an existing idea in Automation Hub by adding the idea URL in the project settings.
  • In Automation Hub, for any idea that is in the Development phase and has the Not Started status, you can select to start development in Studio, which automatically opens your Studio instance and creates a new project that is linked to the idea.

As a prerequisite, Studio must be connected through interactive sign-in to an Orchestrator tenant where the Automation Hub service is enabled.

Linking a Studio Project to an Existing Idea in Automation Hub

To link a Studio project to an idea in Automation Hub:

  1. Open the project in Studio.
  2. Select the Project panel > Project Settings docs image > General.
  3. In the Automation Hub URL box, enter the URL of the idea you want the project to be linked to, and then click OK.

    If the URL is valid, the project is linked to the idea.

Managing the link to an Automation Hub idea

  • To change the idea a project is linked to, repeat the steps in the linking procedure and replace the existing Automation Hub URL with the URL of a different idea.
  • To navigate to the idea a project is linked to in Automation Hub, in the Project Settings window, click the docs image icon next to Automation Hub URL.

Starting a New Project From an Idea in Automation Hub

The option to start a Studio project from an idea in Automation Hub is available to users with the Start Development of projects assigned to CD Power Users permission, which can be assigned to any role in Automation Hub. After the permission is assigned, the user has the Start development in Studio option on ideas that are in the Development phase and have the Not Started status, regardless of their source or Development type. The status of the idea is changed from Development - Not started to Development - In Progress if the Start Development in Studio button is triggered.

To start a new Studio project from Automation Hub:

  1. Open the Automation Profile of an idea that is in the Development phase and has the Not Started status.
  2. In the Automation Profile, select More Actions on the lower-left side of the screen, and then select Start Development in Studio from the Actions menu.

  3. Depending on whether Studio is installed on your machine, proceed as follows:
    • If Studio v2021.10 or higher is installed, a browser pop-up prompts you to open Studio. If you accidentally close the browser pop-up, you can still open Studio by clicking the open the app link before moving to the next step
    • If Studio is not installed or a version prior to 2021.10 is detected, download Studio using the options on the page. After you install Studio, click the open the app link to move to the next step.

  4. A new Studio instance opens with the New Blank Process window for creating a new process. The idea title is added as the process name.
  5. Configure the process details and click Create.

    The process is created and the idea URL is automatically added to the Automation Hub URL field in the project settings.

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