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Last updated Jun 7, 2024

Installing OCR Languages

The default language of an OCR engine is English. This can be changed for any of the built-in engines by accessing the Properties panel and adding the name of the language between quotation marks, as seen in the screenshots below:

Note: For the Tesseract OCR engine, the Language field needs to contain the language file prefix, such as “ron” for Romanian, “ita” for Italian, "jpn" for Japanese, and “fra” for French.

Note: ABBYY FineReader Engine includes the majority of supported OCR languages by default. They can be used right after a successful installation of the engine.

The language for the Microsoft OCR engine can also be changed in a Screen Scraping activity when selecting “OCR” as the Scraping Method.

This can also be done for the Tesseract OCR engine.

Note: ABBYY OCR is not available in the default Screen Scraping window. You can change the language of the OCR engine by modifying the Language property.

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