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Automation Suite API Guide
Last updated 22 de nov de 2023


Topics Covered

This guide contains information about specific Platform Management API topics:

  • To see the range of exposed Platform Management, head over to the Resources section.
  • To check the scopes covered by the APIs, and the permissions a user needs to make a specific API call, see the Scopes and permissions section.
  • To find out more about how Platform Management APIs are built and the allowed methods, read the API call definition section.
  • To learn which flow to use for authorization after a successful authentication, check the Authentication section.
  • To check the available license codes you may allocate to your users, check the License codes section.


Management scenarios

Authentication methods

User management—create, update, or delete users or groups, and manage organization settings

Organization management—create, update, or delete organizations and tenants.

License management—allocate or deallocate licenses to users, tenants, or organizations.


To allocate licenses to organizations, you need to authenticate as the host admin.

Base URL

All Platform Management API calls are made using HTTP methods to the base URL.

The base URL is composed as follows:

Base URL = protocol + :// + hostname, for example https://<AutomationSuiteURL>.
It is recommended to encrypt the data you send via API calls, by using the https protocol.

The hostname is the one set at installation.

For Automation Suite deployments, all Identity Server URLs contain the /identity_ segment.
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