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Managing Queues in Orchestrator

To add a new queue click Create Queue. In the Create Queue window, fill in the required fields and click Create. A queue is added to the Queues page, yet it is empty.

To populate queues and process items from it, you are required to use Studio. For more information, see Managing Queues in Studio.

To delete a queue, select it from the Queues page and click Remove. All data is erased from the database, including all items it contained.

To view the items in a specific queue, do the following:

  1. Click View Transactions. The Transactions page is displayed.
  2. From the Queues drop-down list, select the queue that interests you. The Transactions page is updated and displays only the items from the selected queue.

To view the chart for a specific queue, click the corresponding View Chart button. The Chart window is displayed.

A line chart displays the transaction status evolution over a specific amount of time. The time filter (last hour, day, week, 30 days) can be changed, and you can view the average execution time and the maximum number of retries. For more information, see Field Descriptions for the Chart Window.

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Managing Queues in Orchestrator

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