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Orchestrator Mobile User Guide
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Last updated Nov 13, 2023

Favorite Processes

Mark your frequently used processes in order to quickly find and run them at a later time. Favorite processes are simply recognizable thanks to the icon next to them.


To use this feature, you need the following permissions granted within your Orchestrator instance:

  • View on Processes, Robots and Jobs.
  • Create on Jobs.

All the relevant information about processes you mark as favorite is securely stored locally on your mobile device, in an encrypted database. Deleting the app, then re-installing it results in losing your favorites.

Spot your favorite processes within the Select Process page when starting or scheduling a job, because they are also marked with a next to them, and they are displayed at the top of the list.

Note: You can't favorite or unfavorite processes from the Select Process page. Here, the star icon is just a visual indicator of your favorite processes.

Adding a Process to Favorites

Processes Page

The Processes page is the primary location where you can mark a process as a favorite by clicking the icon next to the desired process. The process is marked as favorite, with a icon next to it.

Quick Action Page

The Quick Action page enables you to quickly run processes as described below on this page.

Click the icon at the bottom-right of the navigation bar to access this page. All the processes you've marked as favorites are displayed on the Quick Action > Processes tab.

If you haven’t added processes to favorites as described above, while in the Processes page, the Quick Action page displays a list of recommended processes for you to choose from and mark as favorite.

To favorite a process, click the corresponding Add to Favorite button. The process is marked as favorite, having a icon next to it. Also, the button changes to Run Process, enabling you to run it with just a click.

Removing a Process From Favorites

You can remove a process from your favorites at any time. Both the Processes and the Quick Action pages enable you to do that by clicking the icon next to the desired favorite process.

After removing a process from favorites, an Undo button shortly appears on your screen, to assist you in canceling your action.

  • If you don't click on the button, the process is removed from your favorites.
  • If you click on the button, the action is undone and the process remains in your favorites. This action does not impact the order of favorite processes on the Quick Action page, nor anywhere else.

Reordering Favorite Processes

It's a good idea to keep your favorites ordered from the most to the least favorite process. The app enables you to rearrange your current list of favorite processes through drag & drop.

  1. In the Quick Action page, click Reorder in the top-right corner, to display the Reorder page. Here you can change the order of the processes displayed on the Quick Actions page.
  2. Press and hold down a process. The color of the selected process becomes lighter, indicating that it can be moved.
  3. Drag the selected process up or down.
  4. Release the process when it reaches the desired place in your favorites.

Running Favorite Processes

  1. Click the docs image icon on the bottom-right navigation bar to access the Quick Action page. A list with all your favorite processes is displayed.
  2. Click Run Process corresponding to any of the favorite processes. The Start Job page is launched on top of Quick Action, with the corresponding process pre-selected.

  3. Click Start Job to actually run the job that contains your selected favorite process.

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