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Last updated Aug 2, 2023



The Processes template displays an overview of status and execution details of automations executed through Orchestrator and Assistant.





Job Info

• Processes Ran

• Success Rate

• Total Suspended Time (Seconds)

• Avg Run Time (mins) without Suspended Time

• Longest Job Duration (mins) including Suspended Time

View the number of processes that have been executed, success rate of jobs (percentage of jobs that have completed successfully vs failed), and details about jobs that have been in the suspended state.

Top 10 Processes # Run and Status

Jobs Processes Ran by Jobs Process Name

Explore the job execution trendline.

Top 10 Processes with Faulted Jobs

Processes executed with faulted jobs

Keep track of faulty jobs.

Weekly Runs

The number of executed processes

Track weekly process executions.

Error Details

• Process Name

• Robot Name

• Date

• Reason

• Number of Errors

Get an detailed look at errors including the specific reason.

Working With Processes Template

To keep your automation efforts in a good condition, keep an eye on the overall process deployment health with the default Processes visualizations. For example, you can glance over jobs that seem to result in errors more often.

Keep an eye on metrics important to your process deployment efforts by setting alerts on metrics such as success rate when it's lower than, let's say, 90%. You can share this information with your automation team when needed to take action on issues.

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