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Automation Ops User Guide
Last updated Jun 27, 2024

Settings for Assistant Policies

This page describes the settings available for Assistant policies.


On the Widgets tab, you can configure settings that control user access to widgets. Widgets are plugins that add functionality to the Assistant. The following widgets are added by default:

  • UiPath.Apps.Widget
  • UiPath.Marketplace.Widget
  • UiPath.AutomationStore.Widget (available starting with the Assistant 21.10 template version)

The following settings are available:

  • Allow custom widgets - Select whether to allow users to add their own custom widgets. This option is enabled by default.
  • Use official feeds - Select whether to enable the official UiPath® widgets feeds for downloading widgets, in addition to the Orchestrator feed. If this option is not enabled, only the Orchestrator Library Feed is available. This option is enabled by default.
  • To add a new widget, click Add another, provide the following information, and then click Save:
    • Select whether to enable or disable the widget.
    • Enter the name of the widget NuGet package.
    • Enter the widget version.
  • To edit a widget, click Edit next to it.
  • To remove a widget, click Delete next to it.

Feature Toggles

Note: The settings on the Feature Toggles tab are available starting with the 22.10.0 policy template version.

Select the Feature Toggles tab to enforce Assistant settings.

  • Enable Task Capture - Select Yes to show the Task Capture Launcher.
  • Group processes by folders - Select Yes to group processes by Orchestrator folder on the home page. To allow users to change this option from Assistant, select the corresponding checkbox.
  • Minimize Assistant while a process is running - Select Yes to minimize the Assistant window when processes are running.
  • Automatically launch Assistant at startup - Select Yes to start the Assistant at sign in time and add the Assistant icon in the Windows notification area.
  • Allow users to change the logging level in Assistant - Select Yes to enable the Log Level picker in Assistant.
  • Allow users to run automations outside Personal Workspace - Select Yes to allow running automations from other Orchestrator folders.
  • Enable Action Center - Select Yes to allow the use of the Action Center widget.
  • Allow users to share an automation URL - Select Yes to allow users to share the URL of an automation installed in a shared folder.
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