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Automation Ops User Guide
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Last updated Jun 27, 2024

Configure a Governance Policy

For each policy you create or edit, you must configure general policy details and the product settings to enforce.

The product settings are organized on different tabs depending on the area they apply to. After you configure a policy, click Save on the lower-right corner of the page to apply the changes.

Policy Details

Configure the following general settings for the policy:

  • Policy name - Edit the policy name. Use a unique name that makes the policy easily distinguishable.
  • Availability (days) - How long to apply a cached policy when the governed product fails to connect to Automation Ops™. The default value is 30 days.
  • Priority - A number that determines the order of precedence when multiple policies are set at group level for the same user. The policy with the lowest priority value is applied first.

    The dropdown lists the priorities currently set for existing policies for the same product. Selecting a priority that is currently set for another policy automatically decreases the priority of that policy and all other policies below it by 1.

  • Description - Enter a few details about the policy.

Product Settings

To find out what you can configure for each product, see the individual product settings:

  • Policy Details
  • Product Settings

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