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Last updated Sep 19, 2023

Introduction to Automation Hub API

The Open API feature allows Automation Hub users to access and manipulate their tenant data programmatically. Based on the feedback received, as well as the platform structure, we've focused on delivering the following API requests:

Customized Assessments

  • GET/idea-schema

  • POST/idea-from-schema

  • GET/automations/{automationId}/schema

  • PATCH/automations/{automationId}

Automation Ideas

  • GET/automations

  • GET/automations/collaborators

  • DELETE/automations/{automationId}/collaborators

  • POST/automations/{automationId}/collaborators

  • GET/automations/{automationId}/documents

  • POST/automations/{automationId}/documents

  • GET/automations/{automationId}/components

  • GET/questionnaire

  • GET/cba

  • PUT/automations/cba/{automationId}/project-plan-baseline

  • POST/automationidea

  • POST/coe-automationidea

  • POST/processmining-idea

  • POST/automations/{automationId}/media

  • POST/automations/status

  • POST/automations/{automationId}/tags

  • PUT/automation/{automationId}/categories

Automation Pipeline

  • GET/automationpipeline


  • GET/users

  • GET/roles

  • POST/adduser

  • POST/edituser

Application Inventory

  • GET/appinventory

  • PUT/appinventory

  • DELETE/appinventory/{applicationId}


  • GET/hierarchy

  • PUT/categories


  • GET/components

Automation Store

  • GET/automation-store

  • GET/automation-store/{automationId}/reviews


More field examples and API calls can be found in Swagger documentation.

These API calls reflect all the actions that a user can perform in the Automation Hub interface.

In order to start making calls with the following variables access the Open API options from the Automation Hub platform > Admin Console > Platform Setup > Open API and generate your token.




The token generated from the Automation Hub UI.



Delayed Release URL

GET all ideas API structure for Delayed Release Organizations

App key

The app key generated from the Automation Hub UI.

The next step is to Consume the available APIs.

Check out the Logical Resources and the Available Operations.

When building your API request always rely on the Input Dictionary as it contains all the query parameters you will be using.

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