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  • To better understand how the Document Viewer control works, check out the Using Document Viewer page in the How To section.
  • If you only want to render images, we recommend using the Image control.

Use the Document Viewer control to render a document and display it inline in UiPath Apps. This feature is useful in certain scenarios, such as displaying an invoice document or a receipt from various sources like storage buckets, entities, or publicly accessible links.


  • Source - Source for the Document Viewer control. The supported file types are PDF documents and images (JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF, and WEBP).
  • Hidden - If selected, hides the control in the runtime.
  • Disabled - If selected, disables the control in the runtime.


No events.


  • Control Alignment - By default, inherits the parent alignment. A different alignment other than the parent can be set. To default to Parent's alignment, toggle the selected alignment icons to switch off the specific alignment. Note: Alignment is dependent on Parent's layout ( Vertical vs Horizontal ).
  • Border - Sets the border for the control. Border Thickness, Border Color, and Corner Radius can be configured for the border.
  • Margin - Sets the margin of the control. By default 4px margin is set. Top/Bottom and Left/Right margin properties are combined. These properties can be unlinked using the unlink icon on the right side of the Margin section heading.
  • Size - The width and height of the button can be set in the size section. By default, the size is set to Auto. Min Width/ Min Height and Max Width/ Max Height are available under more (...) in the size section. When the size is set to Auto, the default size of the control is 320px * 410px.

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Document viewer

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