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AI Computer Vision User Guide
Last updated Apr 2, 2024


In a UiPath Studio project, to use the Computer Vision activities or Computer Vision as part of Unified Target for UI Automation activities, you need to authenticate to the Computer Vision server.


When authenticating, the Computer Vision server first tries to use the API key. If this does not work, it falls back to the user token.

The API key can be obtained by organization administrators from Automation Cloud by going to Admin > Licenses > Robots & Services > Computer Vision > selecting the Copy the API Key button. More details can be found in the API Keys page.

The API key can then be populated in the ApiKey field under the Computer Vision Project Settings category. For more information, see the Project Settings page.

The API key is then used by the CV Screen Scope activity. If you add a different API key under the ApiKey property of the CV Screen Scope activity, then the ApiKey project setting is overwritten and reflected in all subsequent activities project-wide.

Also, Computer Vision in Unified Target is enabled when providing the API key in Project Settings, so you can have a better detection when indicating with UI Automation activities.

Important: Support for API Key authentication will end March 2025. We recommend using External Applications or Personal Access Tokens (PATs) as the primary method of authentication.

User token

If Studio is connected to Orchestrator Cloud using interactive sign-in either directly from Studio or from Assistant, the user token generated at sign-in is used to authenticate to the Computer Vision server.

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