UiPath Activities

The UiPath Activities Guide

This section includes activities found in the UiPath.Mail.Activities pack that are designed for use in StudioX projects. You can access them by following the links listed in the below See Also section. To find out more about working with mail activities in StudioX, see Mail Automation in the StudioX guide.

Automations for Outlook 365 online accounts require that you configure an application in the Azure AD. You can either create your own or use the UiPath default application. For more information, see Configuring the Azure AD for Outlook 365 Automation.

Automations for Gmail require that you either use the UiPath default application (no further configuration required) or set up your own application in the Google Cloud Platform.

To remove the need for Studio users to provide the application credentials when adding their accounts from the Use Outlook 365 or Use Gmail activities, the application credentials must then be added as assets in Orchestrator. For more information, see Adding Application Credentials for Outlook 365 and Google Workspace in Orchestrator.

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