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Last updated May 21, 2024


Release date: 9 May 2022

What's new

Actions data encryption

  • In a continuous process to keep your data safe, starting with this release, you now have the option to encrypt actions linked to newly created actions catalogs. However, the encryption is not applicable retroactively. Find out more details in our documentation.

Editing action properties

  • Task priorities may change in your department, thus affecting actions resolution and completion due dates. To help you reorganize your pending workload or to correct descriptive inaccuracies, we offer the option to edit action properties, such as action name or priority. Learn how to create the means for a better action identification by reading our documentation.

Organizing actions with labels

  • For rapidly growing Action Center action lists, organizing and tracking actions may become assiduous. We help you overcome this hassle by bringing in the option to label your actions for a better identification, searching, sorting, or filtering operations. You can add as many labels to any type of action, either Unassigned, Pending, or Completed. Find out how in our documentation.


Displaying similar actions for bulk editing

  • Remember the Bulk update feature? Here's a little reminder: you could select similar actions (especially designed via the Bulk form designer) and update their data at once. However, if the bulk form layout changed in the meantime, all actions generated by the latest form layout are identified as different actions. So you could not bulk edit an action generated by the previous form layout AND an action generated by the updated form layout. Now, to make things simpler, you have the option to automatically display similar actions that are suitable for bulk editing together. See how in our documentation.

Default permissions for personal workspace folders

  • Starting with this release, you can generate actions from the context of a personal workspace folder and have them displayed in the Action Center inbox. This is possible due to the enablement of all Actions and Action Catalogs permissions for the Personal Workspace Administrator role in the corresponding Orchestrator instance.

More action fields for download

  • Starting with this release, you can download an enhanced CSV file of your actions. The downloaded file contains more fields to properly describe and track your actions, such as the operations performed on each action, the first time the assigned user opened the action, or the job that generated the action. Head over to Action Center and discover the rest of the downloaded fields.

Prerequisite for Action catalogs used in activities

  • Only existing action catalogs can now be linked to actions generated by Persistence activities (Create Form Task , Create External Task) or by activities using Generic Tasks APIs (Create Validation Action,Create Classification Action). That is, you need to create the action catalog before generating the action. Otherwise, if you link an action to an action catalog that is not yet created, the action creation fails with the following error message "No task catalog exists with name [action_catalog_name] Error code: 2451 ".

Known issues

  • While adding an existing label to an action, scrolling down the available labels list does not reach the list end. As an alternative, input the name of the desired label to reduce the length of the labels list.
  • Generic browser commands such as go back, go forward, or refresh do not work properly for the Edit properties page in Action Center.

Bug fixes

  • Form actions with dropdown fields that hold many values loaded slowly or displayed the form fields incorrectly. We made some performance improvements to prevent the slow rendering. In addition, to boost the form performance, make sure to:

    • use dynamic dropdowns by appending the dropdown suffix while defining the dropdown variable,
    • use the List<T> type for the dropdown variable, instead of the Dictionary<T, T> type.
  • We fixed a bug that was preventing action lists to load after returning from the Admin Settings page in Action Center.
  • Using the quotation marks character in the text fields of your form actions cleared the text after the quotation marks. We fixed this behavior and you are now able to use the character without any text alteration.
  • A performance fix loads large form actions faster, displaying fields data right away.

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