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Document Understanding activities - Automation Suite 2023.10
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Last updated Nov 3, 2023

Document Understanding activities

The Intelligent.OCR package provides advanced OCR capabilities. It enables robots to extract valuable information from unstructured documents, empowering them to make informed decisions in collaboration with human operators.

Available activities

The following table lists the activities that are included in the Intelligent.OCR package and allow you to create long-running workflows and generate actions in Action Center.

Activity Description
Create Document Classification Action Allows you to generate a Document Classification action in Action Center.
Wait for Document Classification Action and Resume Acts as a control point in the workflow, suspending its execution until a specific Document Classification action is completed in Action Center.
Create Document Validation Action Creates a Document Validation action in Action Center. This capability allows automation workflows to cross with human validation, ensuring accurate data processing.
Wait for Document Validation Action and Resume Serves as a waiting mechanism, holding the current workflow until a designated Document Validation action is fulfilled in Action Center.
  • Available activities
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