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Test Suite User Guide
Last updated Feb 28, 2024

Testing in Orchestrator

After you create your test cases using StudioPro, you can publish them as a unique package to Orchestrator. This offers a collected view of the test cases from all the packages you have published in the past. Additionally, you can use these test cases to create test sets.

Orchestrator serves as more than just a simple publishing platform for your tests. Besides that you can centralize your published test cases in Orchestrator, you can also run your tests from there, too. Another testing feature that Orchestrator offers is the ability to configure your test executions to your testing needs. For example, you can schedule your tests according to a timeline that suits you.

Additionally, Orchestrator allows you to create queues exclusively designed for the purpose of handling test data.

To get started with using Orchestrator's testing capabilities, check out the following resources:

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