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Test Suite Release Notes
Last updated Feb 28, 2024


9 May 2022

What's New

Data-driven testing with Data Service

Data-driven testing expands its data source types through UiPath Data Service. You can aggregate data for your test cases from Data Service entities. You filter the data by your criterion and use it as arguments in building test cases.

Important: This feature requires an Automation Cloud license.

For more information, see Testing through Data Service.

Data-driven testing with auto-generated data

Auto-generated data comes as an additional data source for your testing efforts. You can generate values to solve workflow conditions and achieve high activity coverage.

Descriptor coverage

Validation across Selectors and Object Repository items is now available with Descriptor coverage. See if your targets are indicated correctly by looking at the selector coverage of your test executions.


Test explorer
  • The Test Explorer panel shows data-driven test cases already collapsed so you can quickly glance over test automation folders with a large number of files. You can use the two new buttons to extend or collapse workflow and test case panel information. Additionally, the number of variations for each test case is now visible.
  • Adding, updating and removing test data is now at hand, in the Test Explorer contextual menu.
  • You can filter by Editing Status to see either the number of workflows that have been ignored from execution, or in progress test cases.
Background process support

Test Automation projects support background processes, meaning that you can execute test cases in parallel, using a single robot.

Accessibility shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts have been added to help you find Test Automations features that you need.

User experience
  • You can view the duration of each executed test in the Test Explorer panel.
  • Data variations are shown based on their corresponding index order, while hovering the cursor over each item displays a list view of all arguments, and associated values.

Visit Studio release notes to check all updates for 2022.4.

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