UiPath Test Suite

UiPath Test Suite

Executing Automated Tests


You can execute all test sets using Execute Automated. Orchestrator is invoked for test cases that have been linked to Test Manager. To execute test sets linked from Orchestrator, make sure you create your test sets in Orchestrator.

You can also execute automated test if the test set includes test cases linked from Studio. For more information, see Executing Tests.


:grey-exclamation: To use the Execute Automated option, you need at least one automated test case in a test set.

  • Test execution for test sets linked from Orchestrator includes only the test cases that have been published to the Orchestrator Tenant Process Feed in the latest package version. If you want to execute new test cases, you need to publish a new package version in Orchestrator, and then link the test set to Test Manager.
  • If your Test Manager test set includes test cases from multiple Studio projects, then the project that has the highest number of test cases is considered for execution. Therefore, only the test cases from this project will be executed. You can execute test sets including test cases from multiple Studio projects, only if you have a test set linked from Orchestrator.
  • If your test set includes test cases that are duplicate in multiple Studio projects, the sorting is done by the project name in descending order. Only the test cases from the project that is placed first in the list will be executed.

Execute automated test sets

  1. Open your project in Test Manager and then navigate to Test Sets.
  2. Select a test set and click the vertical ellipsis.
  3. Select Execute Automated.
    For more information on test results, see Analyzing Test Results.



  • Test cases that cannot be executed are skipped during execution through Orchestrator.
  • Test cases that are not executed generate test case logs with no result.

Alternatively, you can open your test set, click Execute and select Automated from the dropdown.

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Executing Automated Tests

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