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Last updated Feb 28, 2024

Configuring SAP Solution Manager


To prepare your system for automation ensure the following SAP Solution Manager Configuration steps:

  • Completed Test Suite Preparation configuration
  • Completed Test Automation Preparation configuration

    Note: SAP Solution Manager Configuration (SOLMAN_SETUP transaction) guides you through the configuration of SAP Solution Manager and assists you in connecting your managed systems to SAP Solution Manager. Its configuration scenarios provide a standard customizing for most of the important basic functions in SAP Solution Manager. You can discuss this with your SAP Administrator.

To configure SAP Solution Manager, follow these procedures:

  1. Register Studio
  2. Set Up Communication Users
  3. Enable eCATT

Register Studio

  1. Open SAP Logon and go to the transaction SE16.
  2. Enter ECCUST_ET in the Table Name field.
  3. Click Create New Entries.

  4. Configure the entry details. Ensure you enter the exact COM Program ID: UiPath.SAP.SolutionManager.

  5. Save your data and exit the transaction SE16.

Set Up Communication Users

For overall communication within the SAP Test Automation Framework, UiPath requires a service user with the corresponding authorizations. For this purpose, you will be using ECATT_ET_USR.

  • The user allows communication between SAP Solution Manager and UiPath.
  • The user allows communication between UiPath and System Under Test (SUT).
  • The user allows internal communication between SAP Solution Manager and SUT (e.g. for TBOM recording).

    Note: ECATT_ET_USR is automatically generated during the Test Automation Preparation procedure.

You can verify if the user exists in the transaction SU01 and check the corresponding authorisations in the Roles tab. No additional settings are required.

Enable ECATT

You need to enable eCATT to be executed on each client where testing will be taking place.

  1. Start transaction SCC4.
  2. Select the corresponding clients.
  3. Go to Details.
  4. Under the CATT and eCATT Restrictions section, set eCATT and CATT to Allowed.
  5. Click Save to confirm changes.

  • Prerequisites
  • Register Studio
  • Set Up Communication Users
  • Enable ECATT

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