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UiPath Test Suite

Defect synchronization


You can synchronize execution results with external tools, as part of the Application Lifecycle Management tool integration. Information that is gathered during execution, such as results, logs, timestamps, and other details is synchronized with the tool that you have integrated with Test Manager.

Please note that at the moment there can be only one connection which is enabled for defect synchronization overall per project.


Before you begin

Create defect

You can create defects when you access test case logs in the Test Results page.

  1. Navigate to Test Results
  2. Open a test result and the click the test case key to open the logs.
  3. Click Tasks and select Create Defect.

The defect is created and synchronized with your external tool. You can open the defect directly in the tool (e.g., Atlassian Jira) by navigating to the test execution result that has a synchronized defect.


Unlink defect

When you unlink defects from an external tool, the entry created in the tool remains unchanged. In Test Manager, the test execution result will not be linked with an external tool.

  1. Navigate to Test Results
  2. Open a test result and then click Tasks
  3. Select Unlink Defect.

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Defect synchronization

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