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Last updated Apr 15, 2024

SAP Solution Manager Command Line

The SAP Solution Manager command tool allows you to check the status of your integration with UiPath® Studio. You can find this tool packaged with each Studio build as UiPath.SAP.SolutionManager.CommandLine.exe in the default installation folder, as follows : C:\Program Files\UiPath\Studio\net461. Alternatively, you can find the executable in your custom installation folder.

Command line arguments descriptions

See the following sections for descriptions of the available parameters and a few usage examples.




Show the registration status.

To understand error codes, see Troubleshooting status error messages.


Register the communication interface.


Deregister the communication interface.


Show the connection IP used in Studio.


Show the output files.


Show help.


Show version number.

Troubleshooting status error messages

The following table describes common error messages and troubleshooting measures that you can take to solve these issues.

Error message


UiPath Plugin not installed

SAP Connector unavailable

:fa-exclamation-circle: SAP Connector runs only on x86 OS architecture.

UiPath Plugin uninstalled, SAP Connector installed

Follow the solution presented for the UiPath Plugin not installed.

UiPath Plugin uninstalled, SAP Connector uninstalled

You need to install both UiPath® Plugin and SAP Connector

:fa-exclamation-circle: SAP Connector runs only on x86 OS architecture.

UiPath Plugin installed, SAP Connector is x64 instead of x86 (plugin cannot work)

Follow the solution presented for the SAP Connector unavailable, making sure that you install it on x86.

  • Command line arguments descriptions
  • Troubleshooting status error messages

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