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Task Capture Integration

Exporting a trace from Task Mining to Task Capture

To export a trace, follow the steps below:

  1. As a Process Subject Matter Expert, from the Task Mining Discovery Results tab, identify a representative task and click the Export Trace button and select the Task Capture option.
  1. The file is now saved in .spp format and ready to be opened in Task Capture.

Opening the file

  1. To open the file in Task Capture, select the icon from the right side of the screen.
  1. The respective trace is processed and the required time is based on the amounts of screenshots captured in the trace.
  1. A new page opens that lets you Open Task Capture or download the application if needed.
  1. If you choose to download the app, a Thank you page is displayed showing the required steps to continue.

After successfully exporting the trace to Task Capture, it is shown in the Diagram Editor where it can be modified as needed.

  1. The trace from Task Capture can now be exported as a Word PDD, UiPath Studio XAML, or as an image as shown in the Exporting feature.

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Task Capture Integration

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