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The UiPath Task Mining Guide

23 May 2022

:gift: What's New

:star2: UiPath Task Capture Integration. Task Mining traces can be opened with Task Capture and are available for edit. Traces can also be exported to a .ssp file that can be opened with Task Capture or shared offline.

:information-source: For more information about the integration, check the Task Capture Integration article.

:star2: UiPath Automation Hub Integration. Task Mining traces can now be used as a source for Automation Hub Ideas. Task mining trace can be exported by filling a special form with idea details and task automation potential. Idea exports with all documentation associated with the trace: PDD, UiPath Studio, and Task Capture files. After the export, other traces in the task can be exported to source the idea with more documentation about task execution.
:information-source: For more information about the integration, check the Automation Hub integration article.

:star2: Allow List and Deny List: This new feature lets Task Mining Admins define the applications for recording, and also Task Mining Users have the flexibility to add specific applications to the allowed list even at URL level. This feature provides privacy protection and confidence in setting the right applications for recording.
:books: Read more about this feature in Recorded Apps.

:arrow-up: Improvements

Improved monitoring of your project status in Overview

In the project overview page, you can now quickly see how close you are to having enough user actions recorded to run a Task Mining analysis! We have refocused the Overview page with a new progress bar to monitor the number of user actions captured and to provide some guidance on the minimum (10K), suggested (50K), and maximum (200K) number of actions to record in order to get useful results from an analysis.

We've also introduced a new Run analysis button to the page so that you can start the analysis without going to AI Center! The 'Run analysis' button will remain disabled until the minimum amount user actions is met. Rather than throwing an error, the Run analysis button will now also be disabled for users who don't have the permissions required to run an analysis.


With the new progress bar in the Overview page, we no longer have a need to set the data capture goals formerly found in the project settings, this has been removed.

You can now also go directly to a linked AI Center project from the Overview page by opening the menu in the top right and selecting Open a linked AiCenter project.


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