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About the Project.Json File

Project.json is an automatically generated file which is included in the folder of each automation project made in Studio. The file holds information about the project dependencies.



As of 2018.2, you should specify a Project.json file when running your project from the UiRobot.exe (command line) client.

The parameters contained in the Project.json file are described below.




The title of the automation project. It is provided in Studio when creating a new project, in the New Process window, in the Name field.


The description of the project. It is provided in the Description field in Studio when a new project is created.


The entry point of the automation project. It consists of an .xaml file. The default name is “Main.xaml”. It is displayed both as the title of the Designer panel and in the Properties panel in Studio. If you want to execute a different project first, change the value of this parameter to the name of the .xaml file to be processed.
Note: If your automation project contains multiple files, each of them should be linked to the Main.xaml file through the Invoke Workflow File activity. This is especially useful when the project is published to Orchestrator and sent to a Robot, as the Robot executes only the file provided in this parameter.


The activity packages used to create the automation project and their versions. The list is updated every time a dependency is added or removed from the project.
Note: Version numbers are composed of the following parts, in order: major, minor, build, and revision. The build value is the number of days that elapsed since 01.01.2000. The revision value is the number of seconds which elapsed on the day of the release, starting from 5 AM, GMT.


The version of the project.json file.


The version of Studio used to create the automation project.


The version used when publishing this project to a feed. Represents the one set in the Publish window.


Reserved for future use.


Contains keywords that can be added to the name of an activity to prevent variable and argument values from being logged at the Verbose level. That can also be achieved by selecting the Private checkbox of any activity. Read more about the protection of sensitive information here.


Shows the type of your project, either Workflow or Library.


includeOriginalXaml - Option to include original files in the resulting nupkg file.
privateWorkflows - Displays the full name of private .xaml files contained in the library.



Manually editing the project.json file should be attempted for troubleshooting scenarios only, as it may lead to severe consequences and loss of support.

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About the Project.Json File

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