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Solutions Management User Guide
Last updated Feb 7, 2024

Solutions Management overview

A solution bundles together multiple components (processes, assets, queues, etc.) developed on the UiPath platform that work together to automate a business use case. In the UiPath context, a solution can be as simple as a Studio workflow/process, or as complex as a combination of multiple workflows or processes, apps, assets, queues, storage buckets, Data service entities, ML Skills, etc.

While you know that all these independent pieces that work together form your solution, the system is not aware of that.

UiPath Solutions Management provides an out-of-the-box means to manage the lifecycle of your solutions, once built. This set of capabilities comes into play once you are done developing your solutions, and you want to promote them to a new environment.

Through the Solutions Management initiative, we offer a way to bundle together all components pertaining to the solution you have just developed and create a Solution Package. This comprises all artifacts and metadata needed so you can easily transfer solutions between environments, as well as deploy and apply environment-specific configuration.

The following video introduces you to Solutions and walks you through some use cases.

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