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Task Mining
Last updated 19 de abr de 2024

Automation Hub integration

Task Mining is an automation discovery tool using AI to analyze employees' day-to-day desktop activities. Automation Hub can be the perfect bridge to automation and help accelerate the automation journey upon identifying opportunities with Task Mining.

Exporting a trace to Automation Hub

To export a trace, follow the steps below:

  1. As a Process Subject Matter Expert, from the Task Mining Discovery Results tab, identify a representative task and click the Export Trace button and select the Automation Hub option.


    To see the Export Trace -> Automation Hub option, you need to have the Submit an employee-driven idea permission assigned in Automation Hub.

    All users added to Automation Hub with Standard User role have the permission assigned by default.

  2. In the right-side panel, fill in the following:

Mandatory fields

  • Automation Name
  • Automation Area (only 1st level of Category can be selected)

Non-mandatory fields

  • Description - empty by default but it will contain the following details upon publishing if no specific description is added by the user:

    This idea is coming from a Project: {project_name}.

    Discovery results: {discovery_results_name}.

    Task name: {task_name}.

    Submitted by: user@email

  • Process Owner - a process owner can be searched among Automation Cloud active users.
  1. The last step before publishing the idea is filling metrics for calculating the Automation Potential.



    Number of ways to complete the process

    Process is completed the same way every time;

    There are >=2 but <5 ways to complete the process;

    There are >=5 but <8 ways to complete the process;

    There are >=8 ways to complete the process.

    "% of Digital Input

    Allows input values from 0 to 100.

    "% of Structured Digital Data Input





  2. Upon clicking Export, a notification is displayed:

  3. Once files are generated and the idea is created, the success notification is shown with the link to Automation Hub.

  4. After selecting View in Automation Hub, you will be directed to the idea in Automation Hub.

    Note: A task that has any trace exported receives the Automation Hub icon on the Discovery Results view that opens the associated idea in Automation Hub on click.

    Traces in such tasks can only be exported to the same idea.

Working with Task Mining exported automation ideas

After successfully exporting a trace to Automation Hub, the Program Manager receives an email notification and the new automation idea is shown in the Explore Automation Program page.

Note: When a new idea is submitted in Automation Hub, a notification email is sent to users with the Program Manager role.

The new automation idea contains the following information:

  • Idea Source - Task Mining
  • Collaborator Role
  • Task Mining Submitter - with the default permissions to edit the About and Documentation page.
  • Process Owner - if one has been selected when exporting the task.
  • Description - Information added by Task Mining user when exporting the trace and some default details as:

    This idea is coming from a Project: {project_name}.

    Discovery results: {discovery_results_name}.

    Task name: {task_name}.

    Submitted by: user@email

  • Useful Links - A link is available to go back to the corresponding task in Task Mining from which the idea was submitted.
  • Documentation - Contains 3 files that Task Mining sends to Automation Hub for each trace: Studio export (.xaml file), Process Definition Document (.doc) and Task Capture file (.ssp). The title of every file contains the task id, trace number, and "Exported from Task Mining" string to let you know the source of the files.

Updating an exported task

Adding more or updated documents from a trace of an already exported task to Automation Hub can be done by selecting Export to Automation Hub within the specific trace. A side panel opens so you can export documentation for this trace to the Idea Documentation section.

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