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Automation Cloud Release Notes
Last updated 26 de abr de 2024

May 2022

27 May 2022


  • The maximum allowed value for idle timeout is now 24 hours.
  • The maximum number of provisioning rules for the SAML integration has increased from 20 to 50 rules.

Bug Fixes

Users in China were unable to reset their passwords because the text elements of the Reset password page were not shown.

11 May 2022

Cloud Robots


What was previously called Automation Cloud robots (ACR) is now renamed to UiPath Automation CloudTM Robots - VM, or Cloud Robots - VM for short.

This is because we now offer two types of Automation Cloud robots: Cloud Robots - VM and Cloud Robots - Serverless (UiPath Automation CloudTM Robots - Serverless).

Cloud Robots - VM and Cloud Robots - Serverless are now GA

The UiPath Automation CloudTM Robots - VM and UiPath Automation CloudTM Robots - Serverless features are now general availability (GA) features.

In addition, Cloud Robots - Serverless is now also available to Enterprise and Enterprise Trial customers.

Maintenance window settings

As part of configuring the Cloud Robots - VM machine template, you can now set an automatic maintenance window for all machines created from the template. This allows you to safely push and install software upgrades or to perform other maintenance tasks on all machines that belong to the template.

Licensing changes

Based on feedback and usage patterns, we have changed the licensing type used for cloud robots (both VM and Serverless).

Robot units: Instead of the Automation Cloud Robot license, which was a runtime license, we are now introducing Robot units (RUs) as a service consumption unit license. This license type allows for a predefined amount of usage per month and the license units are consumed as you use the feature. To learn more about this license type, see Robot units.
Automation Cloud Robot license: Enterprise customers received one Automation Cloud Robot license when we released Cloud Robots - VM as a preview feature - at the time known as Automation Cloud Robots. The Automation Cloud Robot license will continue to be available until 30 May 2022, after which it will be removed. Unlicensed machines will be deleted after another 60 days if they remain unlicensed.

If you are interested in continuing to use Cloud Robots - VM, you will need to purchase robot units for your organization. For assistance, contact Sales.

  • 27 May 2022
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  • 11 May 2022
  • Cloud Robots

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