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Orchestrator User Guide
Last updated Feb 28, 2024

Storing Assets in HashiCorp Vault (read-only)

Note: Before performing the following procedure, make sure you have configured your HashiCorp Vault (read-only) integration.
When storing an asset of type Credential in a read-only credential store, you must create the secret in Vault and make sure you meet the following requirements:
  • the path of the secret must contain the data path configured for the credential store, concatenated with the External Name configured for that value (if using values per robot) or the asset name otherwise. For example, if the data path is applications/orchestrator/assets, and the External Name is SAPCredentials, then the secret's path must be applications/orchestrator/assets/SAPCredentials.
  • inside the secret, you must have:

    • a key named Username, with the value containing the username of the credentials.
    • a key named Password, with the value containing the password of the credentials.
Important: The Username and Password fields are case sensitive.

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