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The UiPath Insights Guide


Release date: 20 January 2020

What’s New

With this release we are excited to introduce you to the newest member of the UiPath family, Insights. A powerful embedded analytics solution integrated within Orchestrator at the tenant level, Insights helps you measure, optimize and scale your RPA operations and its impact to your business.

Gain operational awareness with a library of out of the box dashboards, customizable with any combination of widgets and/or filters. Dashboards can be shared with any or all users of the Orchestrator tenant, enabling company-wide visibility while continuing to work from the same dataset and without impacting your original dashboards.

Using the Pulse feature in Insights, you can stay up-to-date with the current status of your RPA deployment’s most important metrics and receive alerts of any errors or anomalies.

Known Issues

  • If using a self-signed certificate, Insights is inaccessible from Firefox unless you explicitly select to continue to the site. See here for details.
  • When performing a new installation of Insights and Orchestrator with Insights feature enabled against a SQL database where Insights was previously installed and configured, the Orchestrator will display an error when the Insights page is accessed. This is corrected by running the UiPath.InsightsTenantAdminTool.exe as detailed here.
  • When performing a modify/repair installation to your existing Insights deployment, entering the wrong credentials for the Insights admin user will lock the account and render it inaccessible for 10 minutes.
  • When configuring a Pivot widget, if a large set of row values is set as columns this can result in both Orchestrator and Insights freezing, which can only be corrected by restarting the browser.
  • Changes in the Orchestrator localization settings are not propagated to the Insights Portal until you logout and back in to Orchestrator.
  • Some modifications to the processes and/or queues whose data is displayed on any dashboard may result in that dashboard’s temporary unavailability. See here for details.
  • Creating and editing of dashboards on a low-resolution display does not display the full range of controls unless you zoom out.
  • Process workflows where all custom log fields are removed during execution are not ingested into the Insights database. See here to read about considerations when designing workflows for Insights.
  • Insights users with the same email address used across multiple Orchestrator tenants have access to data from across all of those tenants.

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