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Automation Suite API Guide
Last updated 20 mai 2024

About this guide

This guide is designed to help developers and integrators to navigate the UiPath® API. By providing programmatic access to the functionality and data within the UiPath® platform, our API allows you to integrate our services seamlessly into your applications and systems.

Here, you will find an overview of the two core layers of our architecture that drive our APIs: organization-level services and tenant-scoped services. The organization-level services, such as Identity Server and Licensing, handle operations throughout the organization. Conversely, tenant-scoped services, such as Orchestrator or Data Service, cater to the specific requirements of individual tenants.

What you'll find in this guide

Getting Started chapter: Learn about the available resources, authentication methods and how to construct API requests.

Authentication chapter: Understand thevarious authentication mechanisms.

Scopes and Permissions chapter: Learn about the different access levels granted by scopes and how permissions are managed.

Platform Management APIs chapter: Dive into platform management endpoints.

  • What you'll find in this guide

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