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Action Center
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Last updated May 21, 2024


Action Center is available for on-premises installation, allowing you to manage actions from a dedicated user interface, other than the Actions tab in the corresponding Orchestrator instance.

Although Action Center relies on an existing Orchestrator instance, it can be installed on a separate server or the same server as Orchestrator.

The authentication and authorization aspects are managed through a corresponding Identity Server instance and Orchestrator instance, as provided during the Action Center installation procedure.



Customers using Actions Center within Orchestrator do not have to perform any additional steps other than pointing the Action Center instance to an existing v2020.10 Orchestrator instance. All the existing actions will be reflected to end-users in the new Action Center portal as per the access control defined in a corresponding Orchestrator tenant.

The Actions tab and functionality within Orchestrator continues to be supported until a future release. However, we recommend routing your users to the new Action Center interface for a better user experience and any new features in future releases.

Supported Topologies

Single Node Scenarios

  • Action Center running on the same server as Orchestrator (different port).
  • Action Center running on a single node server pointing to a separate single node Orchestrator instance.

Multi-Node Scenarios

  • Multi-node Orchestrator behind a load balancer:

    • A single Action Center instance installed on a different server pointing to the Orchestrator load balancer URL.
    • Action Center installed on all Orchestrator nodes, each pointing to the Orchestrator load balancer URL.
    • Business users exposed to a load-balanced Action Center URL.
  • Compatibility
  • Orchestrator
  • Supported Topologies
  • Single Node Scenarios
  • Multi-Node Scenarios

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