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Automation Suite Release Notes
Last updated 2024年6月3日


Release date: April 19, 2024

Support for migrating standalone Insights to Automation Suite

We are excited to announce that you can now migrate your standalone Insights to Automation Suite. This migration allows you to enjoy all the benefits associated with deploying multiple UiPath on-premises products in a unified, single location. For more details, see Full migration.

Simplified migration to Automation Suite

Erratum - added June 3, 2024: We have made multiple improvements to the migration tool, in an attempt to streamline the process of migrating from a standalone product to Automation Suite.

One notable enhancement to highlight is the migration tool's ability to automatically create a tenant for each organization. This means that you no longer need to manually perform this operation.

If, however, you have already started to manually perform this step when migrating to Automation Suite, the migration tool will ignore it and create new tenant-organization pairs. Note that the format of the automatically generated tenant name is tenant_xxxxxxxx, where xxxxxxxx signifies the first eight characters of the Automation Suite organization ID.

Aside from this, you no longer need to provide the tenant ID when merging the organizations.

Support bundle tool improvements

We have changed the default behaviour of the support bundle tool. The default execution now generates the RKE2 bundle, in addition to the uipath, Redis, and Longhorn bundles.

We have also made the following changes to the support bundle tool arguments:

  • We have deprecated the -r argument, which used to enable the RKE2 bundle generation since the operation occurs by default now;
  • We have added a new argument, -e, to exclude the RKE2 bundle and only generate the uipath support bundle.

Custom path for RKE2 logs

You can now opt for a custom log path for your RKE2 logs by updating the infra.pod_log_path parameter in the cluster_config.json file. Previously, you could not change the /var/log/pods default log path.
Note, however, that updating the default path discards the logs in /var/log/pods.

Improved sf-logs cleanup process

We have improved the cleanup process for the logs stored in the sf-logs bucket. A retry logic is added to the s3cmd delete command to ensure the full deletion even in case of initial failure. Additionally, the cleanup script is enhanced to delete all logs older than the specified deletion day when the cleanup cronjob is active for a particular day.

For more on the the cleanup script, see How to clean up old logs stored in the sf-logs bundle.

Bug fixes

  • An issue was causing excessive alert emails after unexpected node restarts. We have fixed the issue by automatically managing and terminating orphaned jobs.

  • We have fixed an issue causing the credential manager to incorrectly set the uipath-service secrets to blank.

  • We have fixed an issue related to false positive CephMgrIsAbsent storage alerts. The alerts were displayed even though there were no storage issues. The behavior no longer occurs.

  • Ceph metrics and alerts were missing from the monitoring dashboard. The behavior no longer occur.

  • We have fixed an issue that caused command to fail due to an outdated option.

Known issues

Issues related to persisting Alert Manager configurations during machine reboot

Alert configurations (email and webhook receivers) get lost on reboot of machine or re-sync of alertmanager-config secret. For details, refer to Persisting Alert Manager configurations during machine reboot.

Deprecation timeline

We recommend that you regularly check the deprecation timeline for any updates regarding features that will be deprecated and removed.

Bundling details

Product versions

To find out what has changed on each Automation Suite product, visit the following links.

If the product is greyed out, this new Automation Suite version does not bring any changes to it.


Automation Ops 2022.10.10

AI Center 2022.10.11Action Center 2022.10.9
Task Mining 2022.10.9AI Computer Vision 2022.10.9Insights 2022.10.9Apps 2022.10.8
Document Understanding 2022.10.11Orchestrator 2022.10.11 
  Test Manager 2022.10.9 

Internal third-party component versions

This Automation Suite release bundles the following internal components:
































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