UiPath Test Suite

UiPath Test Suite

Executing Manual Tests

To start the execution:

  1. In the Test Sets page, identify the desired test set and click Execute from the corresponding menu.

The manual execution assistant opens in a new window. Make sure your popup blocker allows the window to be opened.


Please note that test cases that do not contain any manual steps will be skipped during execution without producing any result.

Manual Execution Assistant

The manual execution assistant lets you perform a set of manual tests one after each other. You need to set a result on each manual step to advance to the next test case in the set.

Press the button which corresponds to the result you want to set, either passed or failed. Add a comment especially in case of a failure in order to provide details about the particular result. You can set several consecutive steps as passed by clicking Set Passed Till Here.

Once the last step of a test case has a result assigned, you can click Next. This enables you to go to the next test case from the test set. Once you are finished with the last test case, clicking Done finishes the execution entirely.

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Executing Manual Tests

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