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It is very common to use specialized requirements management tools to manage requirements like user stories, epics, or other artifacts. Test Manager supports the synchronization of requirements from external tools as well as the creation of requirements from within Test Manager. In a Test Manager project, there can be requirements that are synced from external tools as well as requirements that were created in Test Manager.

Navigation and Search

To quickly find your requirements, use the search function and the filters. Navigate within the page using and configuring the paginator. Alternatively, you can use the breadcrumb to navigate between the pages.

  1. Filter - You have two filter tabs to choose from:
  • Browse - to list all requirements.
  • Updated by me - (predefined) to list only the requirements that have been updated by the current user, running the Test Manager instance.
  1. Search - Use the search bar to find requirements by their key, name or labels (requires full search term match).
    You can use the search bar at the top of the page to look for items across Test Manager (e.g., test sets, test cases).

Creating Requirements

To create requirements in a Test Manager project:

  1. In the Test Design menu, navigate to the Requirements page.
  1. Click Create Requirement. The Create Requirement window is displayed.
  2. Fill in the fields accordingly:
    • Name - The name for your requirement.
    • Description - (Optional) Add any description to the requirement. In order to add formatted text, use Markdown syntax.
    • Optionally, add any number object labels.
  3. Click Create. Your new requirement is displayed in the Requirements page.


Additional Actions

Upload documents

Synchronizing Requirements from External Tools

In order to keep requirements from external ALM tools in sync with requirements from Test Manager, configure a connection first. Refer to About ALM Tool Connectors to learn how to configure a project to be synchronized with an external ALM tool.

Once a connection is configured properly, any requirement which is created in the external tool is also created in Test Manager. The name and description of those requirements are also kept in sync when changed in the external tool. In Test Manager, these attributes are read-only.



After a connection to an external ALM system has been configured, no initial synchronization of existing artifacts is performed. This should avoid creating huge amounts of data in Test Manager without any prediction on how long this would take. However, whenever an object in the external tool is updated, it will be created in Test Manager in case it does not exist.

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