UiPath Test Suite

UiPath Test Suite


Understand the progress, detect problems at a glance, and review KPIs through the reports.

Report Types

The following report types are available:

  • Dashboard reports that provide daily and weekly breakdown of test results, including passed/failed ratio, test execution list, and KPIs, such as the total coverage, or open defects.
  • Reporting service through ODBC or native SQL Server connections, so you can use the reporting tool of your choice to create custom reports and additional dashboards. For more information, see Using External Reporting Tools.

Understanding Dashboard Reports

You can examine the reports of each project individually. To view dashboard reports, open Test Manager and select a project from the list to view the Dashboard page.

Section NumberReportDescription
1 Results Bar chart displaying the results of your test runs. To switch between daily and weekly views, click the focus indicator, at the upper-right side of the dashboard and choose an option from the dropdown.
The weekly report goes back 14 weeks.
2 Current Day/Week IndicatorDay/Week indicator of the results shown in the bar chart.
3 KPIs Open Defects is available only for connected projects. For example, defect reporting from the Jira project connected to Test Manager. The number of defects defined with the highest priority in Jira are shown in the Critical section. You can click the hyperlink to open the Jira filter.
If you unlink a connection, Open Defect will not be shown anymore.

Total Coverage
The percentage of requirements that have at least one test case out of the total number of requirements.

Automation Rate
The percentage of test cases without automation/manual steps defined, as well as the automated, and manual test cases, respectively.
4 Latest ResultsLatest test executions that contributed to your test results displayed in the bar chart.

Use Case Scenario

To take advantage of the dashboard reports, consider the following scenario:


For example, you have a high number of defects that need to be dealt, alongside an equally high number of manual test cases.


You can glance over the dashboard to check the number of defects, where you can click on the Critical section within the Open Defects report, to open the filter in Jira. The Automation Rate report tells indicates the degree of automation of your test project. Using this information, you can start reducing the number of manual test cases, so that automated test cases come ahead, and allocate more testers to deal with the high number of defects.

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