UiPath Test Suite

UiPath Test Suite

Manual Test Cases


Add manual steps to define actions that need to be executed sequentially, such as simple user interactions or containing verification operations performed by the testers.

Adding manual steps to a test case

  1. Open your project in Test Manager. If you do not have a project yet, see Creating a Project.
  2. In the left navigation panel, go to Test Cases.
  3. Click the test case key to open it.
  4. Go to Manual Steps and click a step to expand the panel.
  5. Configure the following step details:
    • Description: Add a short and easy to understand description.
    • Expected Behaviour: You can state whether something is expected to happen or be verified (e.g. VAT is displayed as 32.44).
    • Clipboard data: You can define a Clipboard value so you do not have to manually type into the input fields. For a specific use case scenario, see Copying Clipboard Values.



  • Consider adding a single action for each step.
  • To duplicate, delete and reposition the steps, click the vertical ellipsis on a step and choose an action from the dropdown list.
  1. Click New test step to add multiple steps to your test case. The steps details are saved automatically.


Additional actions

Copying clipboard values

When you add steps to a test case, you can enter any string value (e.g. {CLIPBOARD}) in the Clipboard data field.


During execution, a pop-up window shows the test case execution steps. The string value has been replaced by the Clipboard data value and placed in the Windows Clipboard.


Setting test execution results

When you manually execute a test case, you can set the results as Failed or Passed. For test cases with multiple steps, you can set the result for individual steps by selecting Set Failed, Set Passed, or Set Passed Till Here for all steps. To leave notes, use the Tester comment section.



You can debug manual test cases to set the result of each step, by opening a test case and navigating to Tasks > Debug.

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Manual Test Cases

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