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UiPath Test Suite

Document Test Cases with Task Capture


UiPath Task Capture is a process discovery tool that helps you document your test cases to avoid manually downloading the images and typing titles for each of the included actions.

Working in the background, the tool captures the performed steps, takes screenshots with every mouse click, and collects smart data about the process statistics (execution time, number of steps, text entries, etc.). You can edit and annotate each screenshot and add information for each step.

Based on the captured data, UiPath Task Capture builds a comprehensive Process Definition Document (PDD) in a .ssp, .docx and .jpg (diagram image) format that can be easily uploaded to Test Manager.

For more information, see Task Capture Introduction.

Document with Task Capture

To document test cases with Task Capture, follow these steps:

  1. Open your project in Test Manager.
  2. Open a test case in Test Manager. If you do not have a test case yet, see Create Test Cases.
  3. Open the Manual Steps tab.
  4. Click Document with Task Capture.
    If you already have Task Capture installed, skip the following note.



Click Download and select the Task Capture version that you want to download. For more information, see Task Capture Installation.

If requested, grant permission to your browser to open an external application.

  1. Choose whether to build a diagram or capture a process.
  2. When you complete documenting your test case in Task Capture, publish the workflow to Test Manager.
    The workflow will be attached to your test case in the Manual Steps tab.

Working with Task Capture

You can view your Task Capture files published to Test Manager and create manual steps from a recording.

Viewing diagram file

To view the action sequence diagram, open a test case in the Test Cases page, navigate to the Manual Steps tab, and click View Diagram to download the file.

For more information, on diagrams, see Build diagram.

Viewing recording file

To view the Process Definition Document (PDD) as a Word exported file open a test case in the Test Cases page, navigate to the Manual Steps tab, and click Open recording to download the file.

For more information on recordings, see Details about the PDD.

Creating steps from recording

When you use the Document with Task Capture feature, you can also add any recorded steps as manual steps to a test case.

Conditions (click to expand)
  • You need to have a documented test cases with Task Capture.
  • For each step in the recording, a manual step is added to the test case, using the step title and description from the PDD file. In contrast, if the step titles are empty, the manual step title is set to Unnamed.
  • Any new steps that you create from a recording are added to any preexisting steps.
  1. Open a test case on the Test Cases page.
  2. Navigate to the Manual Steps tab.
  3. Click Create steps from recording and then confirm your action when prompted.

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Document Test Cases with Task Capture

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