UiPath Test Suite

UiPath Test Suite

ALM Tool Integration

It is a common practice to use specialized tools for requirements management, agile planning, and defect management. Test Manager comes with strong integration capabilities in order to make testing part of your development process.

Connectors are libraries whose purpose is to connect external ALM tools with Test Manager. A generic interface defines how an external system is to be integrated. Connectors provide the specific implementation of this interface in order to integrate specific ALM systems.

Connectors can be configured per project. Any number of external systems and projects can be integrated with Test Manager.

Jira Connector

Test Manager provides an Atlassian Jira connector out of the box which enables the integration of requirements and defects. The Jira connector consists of two components:

  • The connector itself which is part of the Test Manager Setup;
  • An Atlassian app that is available for Jira Server. It can be downloaded from the Atlassian Marketplace, just search for “UiPath Test Manager for Jira“. This app is free and there is no license required. It just requires installation on your Jira Server.

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ALM Tool Integration

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