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Test Suite Release Notes
Last updated Apr 19, 2024

Release Notes CI/CD integrations

This section offers updates on the native integrations with ALM tools that Test Manager offers, as well as updated on CI/CD pipelines that allow you to deploy testing projects and manage them, as part of UiPath's Test Suite. The following are the available native and CI/CD integrations to work on your testing projects using other components of Test Suite:

CI/CD PipelineDescription
Atlassian JiraIntegrate your Atlassian Jira instance to Test Manager to add defect reports, and assign stories and requirements to your tests. The integration works with all Jira project types.
Xray for JiraThe Xray Test Management for Jira integration provides an alternative to managing your tests using the Test Manager.
Azure DevOpsIntegrate Azure DevOps to Test Manager to support your test management efforts, agile planning, or defect tracking. Through this integration, you can synchronize your work items to Test Manager.
ServiceNow™Integrate ServiceNow™ with UiPath Test Manager to manage and automate tests throughout the development life-cycle.
WebhooksTest Manager provides webhooks that allow external tools to subscribe to events in Test Manager.
Redmine IntegrationIf you use Redmine as your project planner, the integration with UiPath Test Manager allows you to synchronize test relevant requirements between Test Manager and your Redmine instance.
UiPath CLIA command-line interface (CLI) that allows you to execute certain pre-defined tasks for RPA package management and testing. The purpose of the UiPath CLI is to easily integrate those capabilities with third-party tools like GitLab, Jenkins, and many others, without a plugin.
Azure DevOps ExtensionThis extension allows you to build and deploy UiPath automation processes, as well as run UiPath automated test cases.
Jenkins PluginThis plugin allows you to build and deploy UiPath automation processes, as well as run UiPath automated test cases.

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